Here at Avery Community Yoga we specialize in private lessons. We give clients one on one sessions to provide a safe environment during times like these, an opportunity for dialogue with a teacher, a personalized yoga experience, and to build confidence within their personal practice of yoga. With new guidelines of social distancing we are no longer providing physical assists and are pure and simply thrilled to be able to serve clients in the ways of yoga again.

Reservations only: email us to book your Private or Semi-Private session.

Jenna giving a private yoga lesson

Why Privates?

People come to the studio for private sessions for just that ….

Sometimes we just need one on one attention to learn something new, change our practice, or become familiar with new ways to use our bodies.

Privates are usually the ticket into exploring yoga uniquely just for you. It’s an opportunity to learn what your body and mind need, which style of yoga is for you, or to dive deeper into yoga postures that you need explicit instruction.

Sometimes just one private gives people the confidence they need to come to group classes. Other times people just want to take their basic practice to the next level. Many come just to heal their bodies or take the time to learn how to breathe correctly.

I remember the first time a student experienced the three part breath. He said it was like coming home.

Jenna Stone, Yoga828 owner